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At Grahame Robb Associates (GRA), we design and deliver tailored graduate and early careers development programmes to provide your newly recruited trainees with all the tools and skills they need to create real value within your organisation.

Why invest in graduate or early    careers training?

There’s only so much that a graduate, apprentice, or new recruit can learn in their place of work. Training programmes take individuals out of their day-to-day lives and give them greater flexibility in their job roles, a better ability to thrive under pressure, and the confidence to apply their knowledge in ways they may not have done before.

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How we do it

We believe in experiential learning for development, offering participants of all levels varied opportunities to push their limits in a controlled but practical environment, and to receive feedback on their performance so they can transfer their learning successfully and easily into the workplace.

We focus on communication and relationship skills, self-awareness, resilience, collaboration, personal branding, presentation skills and more. Using effective activity-led modules and business simulations, we replicate real-world challenges your graduates, apprentices and new starters may face, letting them hone their skills to gain greater confidence and competence, and to develop to their full potential.

Creating competent, self-aware, and productive future managers and leaders

The objective of our graduate and early careers training is to provide delegates with a strong framework for growth and understanding, which can be customised to the unique challenges and responsibilities that come with their role. Each programme is, therefore, tailored to the objectives and needs of our customers. A key part of our service is to understand how training activities can enhance and support the development of your new starters.

✔ Stronger workplace relationships 
✔ Increased ability to influence others and communicate effectively
✔ A better ability to lead by example and be a positive role model 
✔ Improved understanding of leadership skills and how these may apply to their role in the future

✔ Better problem-solving and creative thinking ability
✔ Increased ability to make executive decisions under pressure
✔ Greater confidence in their actions and higher self-esteem
✔ Greater self-awareness and more insight into how their personality shapes their interactions with others, how they like to work and the way in which they behave

Who are our early careers development programmes for?

We have facilitated training programmes for university graduates, apprentices, and those who are new to, or just starting out in the corporate world and want to develop their skill set. Our aim is to always customise the content and complexity of each training programme to match the experience and level of responsibility of our course participants.


Find out more

For more information about our graduate and early careers development training services, please get in touch with one of our team by calling 01962 779911 today, or send us a message using our online contact form.

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