Consultancy based on practical knowledge and experience

Grahame Robb Associates' (GRA) consultancy service provides expert guidance to businesses about the types of training and development they need to put in place to maximise productivity, strengthen team relationships, achieve their business goals and more.

GRA are training facilitators first and foremost. Since the business was founded in 1989, we have developed a unique approach to training and development that provides valuable skills and achieves learning objectives in unconventional ways – through our experience-led solutions and a blend of both face-to-face and online learning.

By reinforcing our training messages in multiple ways using different delivery methods and experiences, training participants are better able to assimilate their knowledge and to apply it to everyday situations, leading to better knowledge retention and, ultimately, better outcomes in the workplace.

Over the years we have worked with hundreds of businesses in different sectors and have grown to learn the best approaches required to achieve specific goals. We combine this experience with a deep knowledge of business management coaching, and how to develop leaders, managers and teams to overcome workplace challenges.

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What does our consultancy service do?

1. Our consultancy service enables us to help our customers to navigate business challenges, facilitate culture and behaviour change, and initiate results-focused training initiatives at an organisational level.

4. If our involvement does extend beyond advice, we will provide a custom-designed training or coaching solution that we will implement in partnership with you or on your behalf.

2. Our level of involvement depends very much on your requirements. In some cases, our team solely provides advice. A business may want an expert outside opinion on a particular issue, or assistance assessing different training options to make the best investment decision based on their goals and objectives.

3. Our job is to listen to your requirements, provide personalised guidance, and if required, tailor a training and development approach that works for you – not necessarily to sell you a specific solution.

5. Any training strategies arising from the consultation are results-oriented and are completely tailored to fit your needs. Sometimes one or more of our established programmes are a good fit for businesses, but in other cases, customers require a more flexible approach that may involve designing several entirely new solutions around a variety of needs.

Using our consultancy service can help your organisation to:

Embed company values and bring about sustainable behaviour change
Establish effective training practices for managers
Develop more effective communication and collaboration amongst your teams
Tackle interpersonal issues and HR problems
Foster better personal resilience and change management strategies
Improve your people’s ability to work under pressure and make better decisions
Increase productivity and efficiency

Our consultancy work is relationship-based rather than transactional, so instead of delivering a particular solution on a one-off basis, we like to work with our customers over an extended period of time to achieve lasting and far-reaching results.


Tailored for you

Some issues may require a multi-disciplinary approach with a high level of versatility and commitment. A key part of our consultancy approach is investing time learning about your business to understand your specific requirements and difficulties from an inside perspective, enabling us to create a solution that works in harmony with your organisational culture, business objectives, and vision/ethos.

There are, therefore, no set costs, specific programmes, or constricting contractual commitments for our consultancy service. We will provide incremental pricing based on your requirements and we’ll support you to do whatever it takes to achieve your desired outcomes, using every tool at our disposal.

Why work with GRA?

The advantage of working with a market-leading training consultancy business like GRA is our breadth of experience and knowledge. We’ve seen the types of challenges businesses experience in developing their training strategy and trying to bring about large-scale sustainable change, so we know what to suggest to fit in with different business models, timescales, and budgets.

"Our advice is sound, personalised, and actionable."

Next steps

To find out more, please have a chat with one of our team of specialists today for an informal discussion about your requirements. If you want to take it further, we can set up one or more formal consultancy sessions where we can evaluate your needs and work together to design a bespoke action plan.

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