Group of employees actively participating in an Action Centred Leadership training session led by a Grahame Robbe Associates instructor to elevate their skills in completing team objectives and development of team members and individuals.

What is Action Centred Leadership?

Action Centred Leadership™ (ACL®) is an immensely flexible framework for leadership and team development. It rests upon the evidence that all modern organisations, whatever their purpose, need ‘good leaders and leaders for good’ at three broad levels: 

  • Team: The primary level where the leader is leading a small group

  • Operational: Key managers who are responsible for more than one team

  • Strategic: The leader responsible for leading the whole organisation

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A philosophy and a practical basis for leadership and team development

Wise organisations now know that they need excellence at all three levels and teamwork between them to deliver sustained success. Action Centred Leadership™ is about creating opportunities at all three levels for learning how to be a ‘a good leader’, namely how effective leadership can enable the group or organisation to work together to:  

  • Achieve the task

  • Build and maintain the team

  • Support individual members to meet and develop their needs

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The definitive characteristics of ACL®


The ACL® three-circle model is clear and concise, but it is not simplistic or superficial. It has depth.


The approach is intensely practical. It is learning by doing - and observing what others do.


All the sessions relate directly to the generic role of a leader and their individual circumstances.


The group participates in exercises and then learns from them under the guidance of their trainer.

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