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Our one-to-one coaching service is an effective way to address individual training needs, reinforce personal development, and overcome personal issues or improve performance. At Grahame Robb Associates (GRA), we offer personal and executive business coaching face-to-face at your business premises or at a location of your choice, as well as virtually via a range of well-known digital platforms.

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Why use our coaching services?

Coaching allows for a far more personalised and growth-oriented approach to training and development than group activities. While group-based development covers a general outline with applicability to whole teams or departments, coaching sessions have the freedom to focus on personal growth, career development, and positive business practices.

Coaching provides individuals with a deeper insight into their role and the ways in which they could grow to be better at their job. It can also help managers and leaders to establish ambitious and achievable short-, mid-, or long-term goals.

Tailored for you

Many of our coaches have specialist coaching qualifications and 20-25+ years’ experience in their field, enabling them to deliver targeted coaching sessions with better outcomes than is possible with group training.

We tailor our coaching sessions to help individuals overcome specific work-based difficulties or improve performance and take the time to understand your needs so we can match you to the right coach to get the best results. For example, our coaches have worked with customers to help them get better at presenting in meetings and speaking in public or communicating more effectively with their managers and colleagues. In other cases, we have helped people put in place personalised development plans to manage work-related stress, balance commitments, and create better boundaries between their work and personal life.

Whatever requirement you or your organisation have, our highly experienced coaches can help you identify your areas of strength, points for improvement, and put in place a personal development plan – with ongoing 360° feedback and support – that can deliver more effective long-term results.


Executive coaching – targeted training for small teams

While coaching is primarily a one-to-one approach, we also work with small groups, such as senior leadership teams or executive boards, to achieve targeted group goals and to improve collaboration, communication, and productivity. Our executive coaching adapts many of the most successful coaching strategies to small group learning and are a great way to reinforce shared learning outcomes and overcome areas of difficulty.

For high-level targets and business strategy, we also offer a bespoke consultancy service, in which we help organisations formulate an overall training and development strategy that supports their growth plans.

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Find out more

To find out more about our coaching sessions and what they can achieve for you and your business, please call 01962 779911 today, or click here to send us a message.

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