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Grahame Robb Associates Ltd (GRA) was established in 1989. We design and deliver experiential learning and development programmes for businesses around the world.

We tailor our bespoke training programmes to meet the specific requirements of each customer, the challenges they’re facing in their organisation and their business objectives to deliver the best return on investment (ROI) from their training budget.

With over 30 years of experience, we understand how to customise training to maximise learning and create unique and memorable experiences that support individuals and teams to reach their full potential.


Our bespoke training solutions

Training solutions we offer include:

Leadership Development

Team Development

Personal Development

Graduate & Early Careers Development

Experiential Business Simulations

Culture Change



Team Building


Virtual and online learning

GRA also offers online learning to complement or supplement our face-to-face delivery, including live virtual classrooms led by a facilitator, self-paced eLearning and virtual one-to-one coaching. This approach encourages ongoing engagement with our course material, promotes a longer-term dialogue between colleagues and participants in the workplace after the training is concluded and allows participants to learn at their own pace – accommodating their individual learning styles and work commitments.

To find out more go to our virtual and blended learning pages.


Our training centres

We own and operate two of the UK’s largest Outdoor Centres for delivering high impact, memorable leadership and team development programmes. Our primary focus is on the practical application of skills to enhance learning transfer, which is central to our experiential approach.

Outdoor Learning Centre

Our Outdoor Learning Centre, at Wokefield Estate, Reading, is a purpose built facility, designed specifically to support high impact, experiential learning and development programmes in the areas of leadership, teams and business strategy.

Outdoor Leadership Centre

Our Outdoor Leadership Centre, at St. George’s Park, provides you with a unique setting for developing high performing teams and leaders. Our state-of-the-art facility and experienced facilitators will create a fun and challenging experiential training environment suitable for all participants and abilities.

Our core values

GRA’s core values play an essential role in supporting our company's vision and shaping our culture. They define who we are, what we believe in and what we strive for every day. They also guide our team to make the right decisions, strive for continuous improvement, act bravely, work as an effective team and to always do what’s in the best interests of our customers.

The customer always comes first - listening carefully, looking through the customers’ lens,
focusing on building trust, making a real difference, and learning our customers’ business as
if it were our own.

Passion for our brand - having a positive, can-do attitude, seeing things through to the end
and never giving up, showing our passion for L&D by helping people to reach their full
potential, maintaining a growth-mindset.

Excellence in everything we do - always striving to exceed expectations, taking care of
every little detail, being consistent, having a willingness to learn and being restless in pursuit
of improvement.

Think ‘we’, not ‘me’ - being a part of something bigger than any one of us, having a
collaborative mindset to problem-solving, and always acting with integrity, humility, and

100% commitment - rolling up our sleeves and giving everything a go, doing things because
we want to, not because we have to, always following through on what we say we’ll do,
embracing autonomy.

Make the courageous choice - being brave when it comes to decision making and going
outside of our comfort zone to push the business forward.

Our 6 learning principles
The GRA approach to professional training and personal development

As well as our core values, we also abide by our six key learning principles. In our experience, this training approach produces better leaders, happier, confident, and more effective teams and more sustainable behaviour change.

We aim for every delegate to return to their workplace clear on how to apply what they’ve learned to their day-to-day roles and team interactions, and to have completed training that was participative, practical, engaging and fun. 

1. Make a positive and lasting difference

2. Apply a flexible and tailored approach

3. Make learning experiential

4. Touch people’s emotions

5. Create memories

6. Make it fun!

Grahame Robb Associates have been market leaders in customer-focused experiential training since 1989, with two fully equipped Outdoor Centres and a wide range of options available for one-off and modular courses. To discuss your requirements with one of our experienced teams, or to find out more about our offerings, please call us today on 01962 779911, or click here to get in touch.

Our logo - why dolphins?

Our logo has incorporated dolphins since our inception and it's often a topic of curiosity and debate among our delegates, we like to turn it around and ask them why they think we may have chosen this evocative symbol.

Most people correctly identify that dolphins symbolise collaboration, protection and a fine balance of curiosity, playfulness and intellect - principles we draw inspiration from in all our training activities!

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