We believe in helping you to achieve better business results by investing in your people. We are a customer focused organisation, who respects that your needs are unique. We carefully recruit facilitators who are knowledgeable, personable, and appropriately accredited; with a verifiable excellent track record.

Therefore, we are able to design and deliver programmes which go beyond typical learning and development packages to inspire people to change their approach and improve performance as well as provide a return on investment.

We offer unique leadership and team development programmes through a variety of different delivery methods, including outdoor experiential learning.

Experiential Learning

Our two Outdoor Learning Centres enable us to offer fun, memorbale and highly participative learning opportunities that can have a real impact when you’re back in the workplace. From team building activities and ice breaker games to problem-solving tasks and development programmes, we can meet your requirements.

Furthermore, individuals’ physical and emotional safety are of paramount importance to us and we operate a Challenge by Choice policy where the level of participation is set solely by the individual.