Helping you build a great workplace culture

Helping to facilitate positive organisational and team culture change is a key part of the learning and development solutions we offer at Grahame Robb Associates (GRA). By recognising the cultural and relational dynamics within your organisation, you can foster a positive culture that enriches your business and aligns the day-to-day experience of working within your organisation with your mission, values and company ethos.


Implementing positive behaviour change

At the root of positive and effective culture change is a recognition of how the attitudes and behaviours of individuals shape an organisational culture and play a major role in a business’s successes and failures.

Our culture change programmes help you to recognise the true impact of people’s behaviour and work to identify the key high-leverage behaviours that will make the most difference and bring about longer-term and more sustainable behaviour change.

Our goal is to build synchronicity between individuals’ roles and their organisational culture, and for team members to feel proud of where they work. A major part of our experiential approach is to help people identify motivating behaviours that align with both their values and beliefs and that of their organisation, through a range of practical personalised activities and learning strategies.

Team Culture

Strong and healthy teams make for strong and healthy organisations

Team culture is influenced by your organisational culture, but each team may also have its own dynamic, and so the influence runs both ways. Healthy and productive teams enrich and strengthen your overall culture, while negative behavioural patterns and dysfunctional relationships at a team level can undermine the shared ethos of your organisation.

Human relationships are rarely straightforward, and the culture of teams within your organisation is shaped by the beliefs, attitudes, and behavioural patterns of individual team members. A dynamic and positive team culture enables colleagues to work together constructively toward common goals, treating each other with mutual respect and understanding.

Our culture change programmes empower teams to work together effectively by fostering teamwork, identifying common ground, and giving individuals the confidence to be more autonomous and flexible within their roles. We also identify and sensitively address the factors that can undermine team relationships, including unconscious bias, a disconnect with organisational goals, unclear leadership, a lack of accountability and low confidence or self-esteem.


Competition vs Collaboration

Although we often hear that competition is healthy, is this also true when it comes to internal competition? In this guide, GRA explains why competition among colleagues is destroying collaboration in the workplace and how you can transition to a culture of collaboration. 

This whitepaper will address:

✔ How toxic competition manifests itself

✔ The implications of negative internal competition

✔ How GRA have witnessed negative competition

✔ How to achieve a culture of collaboration 

✔ Conditions for collaborative working

Find out more

Personalised learning and development experiences for your team

Our experienced team will work with you to create a bespoke training programme that aligns to the type of culture you want to build for your organisation, and which works to overcome interpersonal barriers that may be standing in the way of success.

If you’d like to find out more about how our training can help foster positive culture change in your organisation, please call our team today on 01962 779911 or click here to get in touch.

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