Breakthrough Into More Effective Communication & Stronger Relationships

We often hold back or avoid having difficult conversations when someone’s behaviour or performance disappoints or frustrates us, but why? 

Typically, we worry about getting it wrong and further damaging the relationship or we feel unable to prepare for how the other person will react. Whatever the reason, poor communication skills and avoiding dealing with interpersonal issues in the workplace comes at a high cost, with bad poor performance, increased sick leave, hours of wasted time, and a lack of trust and team solidarity, becoming just the tip of the iceberg. These damaging consequences not only have a personal impact, but they also cause a ripple effect on the culture of the entire organisations.

We can’t make the need for these conversations disappear, but we can provide you with the skills to hold them more effectively and achieve the breakthroughs you’re looking for through dialogue that upholds the dignity and credibility of both parties. 


Why do we call it a Breakthrough Conversation?

We’ve already established that there are many barriers and negative connotations when it comes to tackling these types of conversations and undeniably, they can be uncomfortable, but what if instead of thinking of them as ‘difficult conversations’ we flipped them on their head and viewed them as opportunities to breakthrough and finally change the status quo for the better?

How would this effect our mindset and how we approach conversations? How would it affect the outcome? Even better, what if we had the skills to recognise the early warning signs that a problem was brewing and address it before it manifested into an issue that required such daunting and high stakes conversations...

Breakthrough With Our 5-Step Process

Through theory, instruction, practical application, group discussions, and self-reflection, we’ll guide you through our proven 5-step process.

We’ll help you to get to the bottom of the real issues, understand how to successfully prepare for Breakthrough Conversations, hold them, and conclude them, in a way that creates actions that lead to more sustainable behaviour change, stronger relationships and better business results.


Turning Difficult Conversations Into

Breakthrough Conversations

Whether in a leadership position or not, we've all experienced interpersonal relationship struggles in the workplace and we've all avoided having conversations that deep down we know we need to address. Our latest guide talks all about how to turn difficult conversations into breakthroughs and how to manage these exchanges while maintaining dignity and credibility.

This whitepaper will address:

The importance of having Breakthrough Conversations at work

The consequences of avoiding them or not handling them well

Why organisations should invest in the skill of speaking up

The mindset and skills required to achieve the results you want

The Benefits

Increased performance & productivity

Individuals and teams are focused on the job at hand instead of being distracted by lingering interpersonal issues, allowing them to perform at a higher level and dedicate more time to productive and proactive tasks.

Increased motivation & creativity

With confidence in their new skills and the mental bandwidth available, individuals will be more willing to offer up innovative ideas and make brave choices that will give your organisation the competitive edge.

A more agile & adaptable workforce

An organisation whose employees can spot problems early and are willing and able to confront issues head on, are better set-up to respond and adapt to the ever-evolving work environment that recent years have demonstrated is critical to success in modern business.

Higher levels of employee well-being

Less stress and anxiety about unresolved issues will result in better mental health amongst staff, a decrease in sickness rates and an increase in staff retention, crucially saving your organisation time and money.

More collaborative teams

When individuals have the skills to communicate more effectively it prevents the likelihood of conflict occurring and instead allows for regular and open discussions via a shared framework, resulting in better teamwork and stronger relationships.

Greater leadership capabilities

When senior leaders and managers can role-model the skills of speaking up and are effective at holding individuals to account, they’re better at correcting performance issues, preventing problems occurring within their teams, and they have stronger relationships with their employees, making them more successful leaders.

A healthier workplace culture

An organisation that openly supports conflict resolution and can work together to overcome interpersonal barriers demonstrates a positive, united culture that breeds trust, mutual respect, and both physical and psychological safety in the workplace.

Delivery Options



1 or 2 Day In-Person Programmes

Delivered at one of our Outdoor Centres, your offices, or a venue of your choice.



Live 3-Hour Virtual Classrooms

Available over a min. of three 3-hour/  half day sessions via Teams or Zoom.

Screenshot 2024-04-02 144605


Combine Face-to-Face & Virtual

Create a bespoke blended learning programme that best suits your team.

Training Options

In-House Programmes

Ideal for cross-functional or intact teams from a single organisation

  • Large or Small Teams
  • Option to Deliver in Cohorts
  • Tailored to Your Needs
  • Bespoke Scenarios
  • F2F, Virtual or Blended
  • Dates & Timings to Suit You
  • Venue of Your Choice

Open Programmes

Ideal for individuals looking for personal development 

  • Individual Development
  • Publicly Available
  • Wider Audience Targeted
  • Accommodates All Sectors
  • Face-to-Face or Virtual
  • Scheduled Dates & Venues
  • Networking Opportunities

Trainer Certification

Ideal for large organisational roll-outs or internal training teams

  • Wider Scale Initiatives
  • Certify In-House Trainers
  • Tailored or Public
  • Face-to-Face
  • Assessment Required
  • Bulk Material Purchasing
  • Yearly Certification

Speak To A Specialist

Let us help you develop your breakthrough mindset!

By speaking to us you can: 

  • Find out how we can tailor Breakthrough Conversations training to meet your specific requirements

  • Understand more about our delivery and training options

  • Find out about our state of the art Outdoor Centres

  • Request further information or get a quote 

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