What is a business simulation? 

Our business simulations bring leadership and team development to life, in a controlled and engaging learning environment.

A business simulation is a scenario-based learning tool in which real-world workplace scenarios are recreated for training, development, or educational purposes. The purpose is to train people to respond to actual business events in a calm and effective manner, in a safe but challenging virtual environment.

Some simulations use software, case study reviews or classroom-based role-play. At GRA we take an experience-led approach, combining multiple training methods to bring situations to life. Our delegates undertake real challenges and exercises to earn revenue for a fictitious organisation that will be 'in business’ for the duration of the simulation.

We have over 30 years of experience designing and delivering experiential simulations that create an environment in which participants can put their knowledge and training to the test, witness how their actions impact on performance and receive constructive feedback.

This is why we do what we do 

“I was a total cynic when it came to 'outward-bound' training as I had seen so much that was fun, but not really relevant to learning anything new about yourself. I am very passionate about learning events that have a purpose and being able to demonstrate measurable change in the people who have attended them and that's exactly what GRA do! I saw a level of skill provided by their facilitators to really draw out the learning from their outdoor events that I had not witnessed anywhere else. I have been waiting for an opportunity to use them and this presented itself this year - we have just completed our first event and plan to run one every year for the foreseeable future as they did such a good job!”

- Lindsey Arnold, Learning & Development Manager, Telford Homes Plc

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Tailoring our business simulations

Our simulations are tailored to your organisation’s values, culture, and the learning journey your employees are on, to develop crucial leadership skills and the right mindset and behaviours for successful team performance. We draw out these elements through the customer expectations we set, the activities and challenges delegates undertake, and the reviews completed afterwards. We can also incorporate real initiatives from within your organisation. For example, projects focused on sustainability, communication strategy or implementing technology initiatives.

Bringing learning to life

Our experiential learning activities are real opportunities to bring learning to life and don’t just rely on facilitator-led presentations. Using our realistic business management simulations, delegates will develop strategic business plans, manage finances and stakeholder relationships, and lead a series of challenges that replicate the stresses and pressures of a real-world business in an environment away from their comfort zone.

Learning strategies, such as 70-20-10 and Kolb's learning theory, highlight the importance of hands-on experience in the learning process. While an understanding of leadership and team development theory can support learning, true development happens through practical application.

Our aim is to support people’s ability to successfully and sustainably apply their knowledge and skills back in the workplace.

Speak To A Specialist

Speak to one of our specialists to discover how GRA do things differently

By speaking to an expert you can: 

  • Find out how we can tailor our programmes to meet your  specific requirements

  • Learn more about our collaborative virtual training

  • Find out more about our state of the art Outdoor Centres

  • Understand our training approach

  • And much more!

Meet Our Trainers

Get to know the growing and multifaceted internal GRA training team. With a loyal associate pool, a dedicated support team and world-renowned partners, we are fully equipped to offer your business the most unique and memorable learning experiences out there.


Joe joined GRA in 2011 and has 20 years' experience as a Senior L&D Facilitator.

He's worked with senior leaders and teams in organisations globally delivering experiential leadership & team development training and culture change programmes.


Victoria joined GRA in 2023 with 10 years experience as an L&D Facilitator.

She's worked with many organisations to improve their business processes, achieve their strategic goals, develop their leadership skills and be better individual contributors.


Sean joined GRA in 2022 with 8 years' of training experience as an L&D Facilitator.

He's worked with organisations on developing their communication, leadership and interpersonal skills to help individuals and teams reach their full potential.


Hannah joined GRA in 2023 as an L&D Facilitator and an Outdoor Trainer.

She has extensive experience delivering experiential outdoor development programmes that push people outside of their comfort zone and create a real impact back in the workplace.

What are the benefits of business simulations?

The benefits of business simulations for leadership development and team training include:

  • Practical experiential learning to support validation and  understanding of behavioural theory
  • Tailored training with challenges appropriate to the experience and seniority of delegates
  • An emotionally safe environment to test skills away from the participant’s comfort zone
  • Challenges designed to draw out your desired behaviours and learning outcomes
  • Reviews, follow-up, and action planning
  • Choice of delivery options: face-to-face or virtual
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Who are our business simulations for?

Our simulations include different activities and performance standards for varying levels of experience and seniority including:

Senior leadership teams
First-time managers

Newly formed teams
Intact teams

Project-based and temporary teams
Middle/departmental managers
Team leaders and supervisors

Find out more

To find out more about how we can support your learning and development initiatives, please get in touch using our online contact form, or by calling 01962 779911.

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