Blended Learning

At Grahame Robb Associates (GRA), our goal is to support you and your organisation both in-person and online, to achieve your training outcomes and to create a memorable learning experience.

To do this, we go beyond standard training and development models to offer personalised blended learning that combines the best of face-to-face, virtual, and experiential engagement tools.

What is blended learning?

Blended learning is a hybrid training strategy that combines face-to-face and virtual/online learning. At GRA, we take things that bit further and incorporate experiential team activities, simulations, and challenges, to help participants integrate their knowledge through practical application.

Our blended learning programmes can include:

Face-to-Face classroom-based sessions
Live virtual classroom sessions
Group and individual feedback
Team-based indoor & outdoor experiential activities and challenges
Simulated workplace scenarios
Self-paced e-learning/online material
One-to-one coaching


The benefits of blended learning

Blended learning allows businesses to fit ambitious learning goals around the busy schedules and working patterns of their employees – whether they are office or remote based.

If learners within your organisation have conflicting availability or a wide range of learning styles that require multiple learning channels, we’ll work in partnership with you to create a blended learning experience that combines face-to-face training, live virtual classrooms, e-learning, experiential activities and one-to-one coaching as you require for a rich, adaptable training experience for all your people.

If you’ve struggled to implement traditional face-to-face training in your organisation, and want something more concrete than purely online learning, a customised blended learning programme offers several benefits:

✔ A safe learning environment in which participants can push their boundaries using team challenges and online course materials – and receive feedback from GRA facilitators.
✔ Greater freedom and autonomy for participants over their training.
✔ Increases the number of touch points with the course material, combining in-person interaction with remote learning, group feedback and other delivery options.
✔ Reduces the need for off-site training, potentially increasing accessibility to training for some businesses.


Why do we offer blended learning?

We offer blended learning to our customers for the simple reason that it is proven to be effective. Delegates who engage in both independent and facilitated training modules form stronger and longer-lasting familiarity with the learning material, leading to better retention and a greater ability to apply their knowledge practically in the workplace.

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To find out more about the benefits of blended learning and how it can support your goals, please call one of our corporate training experts today on 01962 779911, or click here to send us a message.

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