Face-to-Face Training

At Grahame Robb Associates (GRA), we’ve been strong advocates of the value of face-to-face training since 1989, and the same is as true today as it was then.

Engaging in learning and development training and team challenges in person, expresses and reinforces learning material in a way that simply isn’t possible in a virtual setting.

Why face-to-face learning?

Face-to-face learning provides the opportunity for more personalised feedback and mentoring, faster internalisation of knowledge and growth, and deeper relationship building.

Experiential Learning

The GRA approach to face-to-face training

Traditionally, face-to-face corporate training took place within a classroom, but this form of learning in isolation isn’t always the most effective way of developing skills that can be easily transferred back into the workplace. Often, the material can be too theoretical and too far removed from individuals’ normal day-to-day working environment to be of much practical use and therefore is quickly forgotten.

We adopt a different view

Although there are traditional elements to our face-to-face learning, our approach is always an experiential one, which includes facilitated theory, indoor and outdoor team exercises, simulated challenges, individual activities, and personalised feedback.

Our activities work to unlock the potential of individuals, teams, and organisations through hands-on experience and the practical application of knowledge in real-world situations. This creates a more person-focused environment that allows delegates to easily integrate and apply their knowledge.


The results for our customers?

Our training philosophy is grounded in six core principles, each coming together to create a high-performance learning culture.

We tailor each training programme to make a lasting impact on the people and teams who take part, with a flexible approach that draws out the qualities and strengths of every participant. We go out of our way to understand what really matters to people to create an emotional connection to their development and to deliver maximum impact back in the workplace.

Get to know us

To find out more about our approach to face-to-face learning, and how we tailor our training programmes for businesses in a diverse range of sectors, please call 01962 779911 today, or request a call back through our online contact form.

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