Activities the whole team will love

Low Ropes

Our purpose-built low ropes challenge courses offer all the thrill and excitement of high rope activities – just a lot closer to the ground! Participants must work effectively and efficiently as a team to traverse the course.

High Ropes

Our varied and challenging high ropes course is perfect for those looking to push their boundaries up to 40 feet above the ground. We have a diverse range of high ropes activities to choose from, these include:

Low Ropes Initiative Exercise_11zon

Climbing Walls
Crate Stack Challenge
Freefall Powerfan
High All Aboard
Jacobs Ladder
Broken Bridges

All our high ropes activities offer a great sense of personal achievement and pride, and provide varied opportunities to develop team communication, bonding, and trust. Participants will be provided with full safety equipment and be supervised at all times by qualified outdoor instructors.

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In a technology-driven world, the ancient art of archery is steeped in tradition and skill, and draws out the hunter-gather nature in us all. Archery requires a combination of physical skill, mindfulness, patience, and concentration, and is perfect for helping participants step outside their comfort zone in a safe and rewarding environment.

Team Initiative & Collaboration Challenges

Customers can choose from a broad selection of enjoyable and practical initiative challenges that focus on strategic planning, team collaboration, and creative problem-solving, these include:

Black Cannister
Lava Flow
Grand Masters
Spider’s Web
Steeple Chase
Tyres & Planks
Golden Gate Bridge
Graffiti Wall
Wake-Up Challenge

These tasks are designed for people of all abilities and are a good alternative to our more physically demanding activities, for people who prefer to challenge the mind as well as the body.

Improve teamwork, develop trust and enhance problem-solving

GPS Orienteering 

Traditional orienteering meets scavenger hunt in the digital age – in our fun and accessible GPS Orienteering! Armed with a state-of-the-art tablet and GPS tracking software, participants and teams explore the surrounding area using an inbuilt map and GPS software to find predetermined location challenges. Delegates can collaborate to achieve their goals or enjoy friendly competition with rival teams to get to the locations first!

Laser Combat

Experience an immersive, tactical battle of skill, reactions, and wit in our extensive laser combat zones. Our fun, high paced, and pain-free competitive team challenges are suitable for all age ranges – and are guaranteed to get pulses racing and laughter flowing.


Our tranquil woodland camp area is the perfect venue for your team to try their hand at something a little bit different. Learn a comprehensive range of practical bushcraft skills, led by our trained and experienced outdoor instructors.

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