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In a complex world where the pace of change itself is changing, we're all facing greater expectations and shorter lead times. Most people adopt a coping mindset and ‘muddle through’, but the ability to be resilient and thrive through change is crucial to building a high performance culture and an environment of continuous improvement.  

Resilience for Results embraces cutting edge diagnostics technology, proven tactics and techniques as well as practical exercises to provide delegates with the tools to enhance their mental, physical and emotional resilience in the workplace.

What are the benefits of attending GRA's Resilience for Results programme?

Delegates will return to the workplace with:

  • A greater understanding of why resilience is important when implementing change
  • Techniques for improved mental agility and flexibility to perform consistently at a high level
  • The ability to identify and combat their own personal stress triggers that diminish performance
  • An understanding of how their behaviour and language patterns impact upon how effectively they respond to challenges
  • A greater awareness of the impact their behaviour has on the performance of their colleagues and an understanding of how to help others to develop their personal resilience
  • Personal action plans and on-going support to implement their new skills

“I attended Resilience for Results in March 2017 and I cannot recommend it highly enough. The programme is a great mix of fascinating theory, group discussion and experiential learning. It has now been over a year since I completed the training, however I still practice many of the skills that they shared with us; therefore I am happier in my life and work. Resilience for Results is a must to help your teams remain resilient in this VUCA world.” Julia Allen, Learning and Development Manager, Kyocera

What do we mean by resilience?

"Life’s roughest storms prove the strength of our anchors.”

For us, resilience is the ability to maintain a consistent level of high performance in the face of change, adversity and stress. Whether it's emotional, physical or mental challenges such as strained relationships, an overwhelming workload or limited resources to perform the role, the pressure to succeed will eventually have a negative impact upon your performance. Resilient employees role model the positive behaviours and confident mind-set required to effectively respond to challenges in the workplace. This adaptability enables them to thrive under pressure and offer a beacon of guidance, support and strength to others in the team. On the programme, we'll discuss what resilience means to each individual personally and their goals for the course as well as enhancing awareness of their stress triggers, language patterns and behaviour when facing difficult situations.

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