GRA's 'Have You Noticed...?' podcast offers topical discussions focused on leadership, teams, people and the workplace with learning and development experts Grahame Robb Associates. We'll be discussing a wide range of issues each week focused on leadership and management, organisational performance, team building, resilience, self-awareness, relationship building, culture, behaviour, building a vision, strategy and more.

Episode 2 - Have You Noticed The Rise of E-Learning?

Have you noticed the acceleration in organisations adopting e-learning? The e-learning market is experiencing a huge boom, yet if you ask individuals how they feel about e-learning, reactions can be somewhat mixed. Matt Campbell is joined by Grahame Robb Associates colleagues Andy Norton, Senior Facilitator, and Jodie Clarke, Creative Designer, to discuss misconceptions around e-learning, the lessons they've learned when developing GRA's own e-learning programmes, how L&D and training facilitators can create engaging and interactive sessions as well as attempting to redefine e-learning itself and encourage people to think differently about the modality.

Episode 1 - Have You Noticed People's Contrasting Reactions to 'The New Normal'?

Have you noticed people's contrasting reactions to the new normal? Matt Campbell is joined by Joe Mackintosh and Andy Norton, Senior Facilitators at Grahame Robb Associates, to discuss how these reactions are impacting on people's relationships, feelings on returning to the workplace, what this means for organisations and more. This podcast looks at the issues confronting individuals, teams and organisations with regards to returning to work, mental health and wellbeing, L&D and training, onboarding and returning from furlough. We share stories, observations and opinions on all these topics as well as the impact of terming the situation as a "new normal" when there is very little that's normal about it!