If you’ve already got a venue in mind for your next away day, conference, dinner or corporate event and you’d like to energise the room with fun team building activities, then we can ensure your event lives long in the memory.

Our mobile team building offering includes a range of highly engaging, participative and motivational activities suitable for groups of up to 600 people, so we have something for everyone and every event!

You can choose from the following mobile team building activities with GRA:

Bespoke photo challenge

(1-1.5 hours)

A team-based competitive challenge that will take your group out across an area to recapture a series of photos with a ‘team’ twist. This activity is a real test of collaboration.

Wake-up Challenge

(1-2 hours)

A frenetic session during which the team needs to use the strengths of each individual to achieve a series of tasks in a set period of time. A great, fast-paced challenge for everyone.


(30 minutes)

An interactive session exploring different sounds and tones using simple percussion instruments to form an orchestra. This activity will have your whole group playing and singing in rhythm – a wonderful metaphor for teamwork.

Corporate Structures

(1-1.5 hours)

A high-energy collaborative challenge that poses the task of replicating a structural blue-print in the fastest possible time, using just 15 planks. This activity will test any group’s ability to work together and refine processes to produce rapid results.

Laser combat

(1-2 hours)

Using the latest technology in laser combat, you will pit your wits against the other team in a test of skill and cunning. Fantastic fun for everyone.


(1 hour)

A precision session that will teach you the skills of a professional bowman to achieve a consistent shot with accuracy. Perfect for competitive teams, coaching and personal skill development.

Leadership initiative exercises

(1 hour)

We have a range of fun initiative tasks to challenge minds over muscles. We offer a mix of indoor and outdoor problems and puzzles to solve through collaboration and creative thinking.

Graffiti wall

(1 hour)

A fun challenge that requires the team to build a graffiti wall and then decorate it in designs that represent your brand values. This activity is perfect for reflecting on company values and key conference messages.

Golden Gate Bridge

(1 hour)

An innovative session that requires you to build a free-standing bridge with limited materials in a specific time-frame to produce the best, and most cost-effective, results. Great for building team relationships.

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