1. What does my qualification allow me to do?

Each course guide explains what you can and can’t do with your new qualification; please see the course listing page for more specific information. During your training course, you will also be able to explore what responsibilities you have once you have obtained the award.

2. What is ERCA?

Created in 2003, the European Ropes Course Association (ERCA) has become the driving force of the ropes course industry within Europe; with members in all sectors of the industry. Operators, inspectors, constructors and trainers all benefit from membership which aims to continue to raise professional standards.

For further information on ERCA please visit www.erca.co.uk

3. How long does my qualification last for?

All ERCA qualifications last for three years before they require being refreshed.

4. What counts as a qualification refresher?

Any further attainment of ERCA qualifications count towards a refresher, for example; if you are a high ropes instructor and you achieve your generic rescue qualification. Alternatively, you can attend a one-day refresher course.

5. What happens during a refresher day?

During the day you will revisit the relevant course syllabus to ensure that you are up-to-date with industry standards and practices. Upon completion of the refresher day, your certificate will be valid for a further three years.

6. Is there an assessment on the course?

All ERCA courses are run as training and assessment inclusively, meaning that successful completion of the course will give you your qualification. The assessment involves a mixture of written and practical exercises.

7. What happens if I fail the assessment?

Depending on the manner of the fail, there are a number of options open to you. This could include a reassessment on the day or require further training before a reassessment is possible. Your individual needs will be discussed with your trainer.

8. Is there a written paper on the assessment?

Yes, there is a multiple choice written paper with twenty questions, each having three options, the pass mark for all exams in 75%.

9. I struggle to read, what support is there for me during the course?

This can be discussed on an individual basis; please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding your individual needs.

10. What is the benefit of a doing an ERCA qualification compared to a climbing course?

Unlike other climbing courses, ERCA courses are inclusive of assessments. In addition to this, all ERCA course not only focus on the hard skills but also developing your soft skills by exploring different facilitation methods, development models and reflection devices. 


If you have a question that hasn't been answered above or you would like a more detailed answer, please don't hesitate to contact us via andrew@gra.uk.com or call 01283 575905.