Your key points of contact at Grahame Robb Associates Ltd are:


Grahame Robb - Managing Director

Grahame has more than thirty years of experience in leadership and team development, organisational development, and strategic consulting. He has helped a wide range of leading UK organisations, global market leaders, government organisations and healthcare institutions to achieve significant change. Grahame is an enthusiastic presenter who inspires others to achieve beyond their aspirations. He is participative, engaging, and calls upon his extensive life and business experience to help participants push beyond their boundaries. In addition to his experience as a consultant and trainer, Grahame is a skilled presenter addressing audiences on the topic of Influencer. Audiences range from small executive team events to major company and government presentations.

Karen Robb - Director

Karen is a Master Certified Trainer in Crucial Conversations and Crucial Accountability, with more than twenty-five years of experience in training, coaching and consulting. With a background in human resources, she has facilitated training for major blue chip companies, small to medium enterprises, and government organisations. Specialising in leadership and team development, Karen helps individuals, teams, and organisations increase effectiveness, achieve bottom-line results, and realise life-changing personal and business benefits.

Brian Collyer - Director

Brian has over 25 years of experience as a Development Trainer and has worked with a wide variety of delegates ranging from senior executives of multinational companies through to graduates on accelerated management development programmes. Brian is passionate about the use of the Outdoors as a powerful development and coaching environment. He specialises in team, leadership and management development as well as strategic vision coaching. Brian excels in applying and using experiential learning in both the indoors and outdoors to reinforce learning in a powerful, pragmatic and personal manner. He actively promotes the application of learning back in the workplace.

Joe Mackintosh - Senior Management Development Trainer

Joe is a versatile trainer, operating as both a Senior Facilitator for outdoor experiential learning programmes and as a Master Trainer in Crucial Conversations. Joe is also a Certified Trainer in Crucial Accountability. He is passionate about helping people reach their full potential. This passion is reflected in his enthusiastic, engaging, and honest training delivery. His natural facilitation skills, coupled with his ability to relate to his audience with illustrative and descriptive stories, helps keep people engaged and motivated. These qualities also ensure valuable and lasting relationships.

Andy Norton – Management Development Trainer

Andy started working in the outdoor sector twelve years ago, initially in leisure and recreation before transitioning into education and development. Andy utilises his honours degree in Management and Leadership as well as many other specialist qualifications and accreditations to design and deliver highly effective leadership and team development programmes for corporate organisations and sports teams.

In addition to his role as a Development Training Facilitator, Andy is also the Operations Manager at GRA’s Outdoor Leadership Centre, St. George’s Park, Burton-upon-Trent and a fully-qualified ERCA Trainer capable of delivering a wide range of ERCA courses.  

Max Brown - Management Development Trainer

Max’s long-held passion for the outdoors makes him the perfect person to hold a dual role as Operations Manager of our Corporate Outdoor Learning Centre, Reading and one of our Management Development Trainers, utilising outdoor experiential learning techniques and tools to enhance learning transfer back in the workplace.

Max prides himself on his focus on the safety of others and creating memorable learning experiences for all of the delegates he works with. Whether he’s teaching new skills that take people out of their comfort zone, such as Bushcraft or jumping off the 40ft trapeze, or facilitating a discussion on developing high performing teams, he approaches every task with the needs of each individual in mind.

Jane Hodgson - Management Development Trainer

Jane Hodgson
Jane is an accomplished trainer with over 20 years’ experience in leadership roles and 12 years working in Learning & Development specifically. With a background in retail, financial services, information systems and manufacturing, Jane has a breadth of experience to draw on and uses this to bring her training to life through masterful story telling. An energetic and inspirational trainer, she creates a relaxed atmosphere where learners feel safe to ‘have a go’ – whilst her training is fun, there’s always a serious point to be made and Jane is adept at ensuring that everyone gets the maximum from the learning experience.

Sharon Rush - Management Development Trainer

Sharon is a Master Trainer in Crucial Conversations and Crucial Accountability. She specialises in leadership, executive coaching and team development. An experienced facilitator and learning and development professional, Sharon enjoys assisting teams and individuals to resolve their own issues and commit to real actions, which will move organisations towards achieving their goals. For Sharon, it’s about realising people’s potential and exuding energy and passion as she engages with them. Sharon has helped clients across the globe realise business results through implementing crucial skills training and improving team interaction.

Lori Taylor - General Manager

Lori is responsible for managing the two outdoor learning centres owned and operated by GRA. With an extensive background in hospitality and management, she is passionate about offering the best possible service to clients and exceeding the high standards she sets for herself and others. A confident and skilled communicator, Lori liaises with a wide range of GRA partners and associates.

Matthew Campbell - Marketing Manager

Matthew has over eight years of experience in media and marketing roles. He oversees all marketing activities across the business, working closely in partnership with VitalSmarts, The FA and The Ken Blanchard Companies. With a background in B2B marketing, Matthew specialises in content marketing; supported by an honours degree in English Language. Matthew has undertaken research and written media articles focused on the topics of improving workplace communication, accountability and performance management, published by both HR and business media.