We can offer a range of options for completing Crucial Conversations®, Crucial Accountability™ and Influencer™ training programmes.

Each method of delivery provides unique benefits which can be influenced by the number of individuals your organisation wishes to train, the convenience of delivery dates and locations as well as whether or not you need the course to be tailored to specific requirements.

Furthermore, your choice may be influenced by a desire to put individuals through our train-the-trainer programme.

In-House Training

An In-House Programme allows you to pick the date and location to receive the training. You can also choose between a Certified Trainer or Master Trainer to deliver the programme. This also enables us to tailor the training to your specific requirements.

For instance, we can deliver the course to 'intact' teams to promote rapid application of the skills within a functional area or project.

Public Programmes

Our Master Trainers run a full calendar of public programmes for each of the four VitalSmarts training programmes.

This option caters for organisations who wish to have a small number of individuals attend the training.  In addition, this option enables organisations to have an initial experience of the course by sending one individual, before introducing an in-house programme.

Trainer Certification

For those who want to deliver the training within their own organisation, we have Train-the-Trainer Certification. We strongly promote a 'leader-led' training approach, where the organisation, line managers and internal trainers take responsibility for delivering future training within their organisation.

The Train-the-Trainer Certification programme, with state-of-the-art resource kits, allows managers and internal trainers to offer the highest quality in-house training programmes. Certified Trainers also have access to the VitalSmarts Trainer Zone, an online platform full of hints and tips for training, video refreshers on each module and the ability to tailor elements of the programme to your own audience.

Having completed the Trainer Certification course, you will be able to deliver the training to any staff within your organisation, simply buying the participant toolkits and materials from GRA.

Virtual Training

You can now participate in a Crucial Conversations or Crucial Accountability training programme anywhere in the world online via live, synchronous learning which is taught in five to seven two-hour sessions by a VitalSmarts Master Trainer.

The courses maintain all of the learning opportunities available in the classroom-based programmes, but with the flexibility of participating from anywhere, any time.


For more information about the range of delivery options please contact us via enquiries@gra.uk.com or call us on 01962 779911.