Low Ropes Courses and Initiative Tasks


Our low ropes courses, initiative exercises and problem-solving challenges are designed to help groups develop effective communication, planning and creative thinking; in a fun and safe setting. Whether you're seeking a challenge for the group's minds rather than muscles or to build in a learning experience to your session, we have over 100 tasks that can support your team building programme.

Whether you'd like to traverse the low ropes courses or attempt to overcome the problem-solving exercises, these tasks are fun and can be very useful for highlighting both individual and team strengths as well as areas requiring further development.

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Corporate Structures
Criss Cross
Grand Masters
Initiative Tests
Lava Flow
Low Challenge Course
Mohawk Walk
Photo Challenge
Steeple Chase
Spiders Web
Acid Lake
All Change
Learning Objectives 

The low ropes activities can be incorporated into a fun corporate team building event or our business scenarios for leadership development or team development. Objectives and outcomes can include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Project management
  • Sharing ideas & best practice
  • Communication
  • Team support
  • Resource management
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