Bring your team into our tranquil woodland camp to try your hand at something a little bit different and experience a comprehensive range of practical bushcraft skills in this two-hour session.

First, our knowledgeable facilitators will take you on a journey through the ages, demonstrating fire lighting techniques and materials from the most primitive methods to the modern day.

Following the demonstration, participants will have the opportunity to try different methods for themselves. No previous experience is required and the challenging session provides participants with an enormous sense of achievement when their perseverance pays off and they’re able to apply the skills successfully. In the second hour, the group will be shown safe and practical techniques for creating different cuts in natural materials that will help them start a fire. Participants will have the chance to trial the techniques and hone their skills ahead of the team challenge.

The session ends with our challenge that brings all the skills together in a fun, light-hearted competition. Each team will have 1 log and 1 match and the team that can keep their fire alight the longest will win the challenge. They’ll need to piece together all the skills they’ve learnt throughout the session to succeed.

Our bushcraft sessions excel in taking groups outside of their comfort zone. It’s the perfect relaxed setting and task for encouraging people to develop rewarding new skills and confidence, improve team work and communication as well as ultimately have lots of fun together.

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