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The crucial skills for holding accountability conversations | Tuesday 23rd May 2017

The hardest part of creating a culture of accountability is holding the important conversations consistently! Learn the skills for holding accountability conversations effectively. We were joined by Fiona Soutar, Organisational Development Manager at NHS Grampian, who has introduced Crucial Accountability training within their organisation to discuss the crucial skills for holding others accountable and the impact the training has had within their organisation. 

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Creating a culture of accountability with NHS Forth Valley

Learn how to create a culture of accountability in your organisation. We were joined by Morag McLaren, Associate Director of HR; Organisational Development & Learning at NHS Forth Valley, to discuss why it is a challenge to create a culture of accountability and how they have implemented Crucial Accountability to try and achieve it. 

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How to get employees to turn words into action

Why don't people do what they say they will? When colleagues fall short of the expectations you have set, how do you diagnose the reasons they fell short? Often, we quickly diagnose the problem as selfish motives or a lack of motivation. We often dismiss the possibility that ability could be a factor. Our free webinar outlined how to use Six Sources of Influence to diagnose and overcome the gap in performance.

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Are you having the right conversation?

Do you ever find yourself returning to the same issue again and again with a particular colleague? Perhaps, things improve for a little while, but soon enough you're frustrated to see the behaviour return and find yourself considering what options you have left. Our webinar discussed a step-by-step approach for modifying your own behaviour to successfully change their behaviour for good.

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A culture of accountability - what does this really look like? 

How do we achieve it, role model it and hold others to it? Creating a culture of accountability can be tough. It sounds empowering, but often when we challenge someone on missed deadlines, poor performance or bad behaviour, we're met with resistance and defensiveness, leading to unresolved issues. So, what steps do we need to put in place?

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Dealing With a Difficult Colleague

Do you work with someone you would describe as “difficult”? Perhaps they’re arrogant, dismissive, opinionated, untrustworthy, unhelpful or negative? How many of the negative adjectives you would use about that person are facts? Our emotions and our behaviour are dictated by the stories we tell ourselves about people, rather than the facts. Jane Hodgson and Joe Mackintosh guide you through the skills for mastering your stories and remaining in dialogue when it matters most. 

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How to Speak Up When Feeling Threatened

Have you ever been in a team meeting or delivering a presentation where someone else in the room is challenging everything you say and making your life difficult? How did you respond? In most instances, the relationship suffers as a result of that exchange. It is not what the other person has said that has upset us, but the reasons we’re telling ourselves about why they’re saying it. The stories we tell ourselves about their motives strongly influences our own motives and then becomes our justification for behaving in a negative way. Jane Hodgson and Joe Mackintosh introduce you to the skills required to control our negative stories, our unhealthy motives and our negative behaviour when we feel angry or hurt, so we can stay focused on working towards a mutual purpose.

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How To Address the Elephant in the Room

Joe Mackintosh and Jane Hodgson, both Crucial Conversations trainers at GRA, discussed the results of our latest study into workplace communication and how to speak up when we know something is bothering us.  What does our default future look like if we choose to remain silent? Is silence really silent, or does it change how we behave towards other people?

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Conversations to Keep Your Best Employees

Do you ever regret seeing certain individuals leave the organisation and wish you’d been able to do something to convince them to stay? Our 1-hour webinar, hosted by Jane Hodgson, discussed why people choose not to speak up when they’re unhappy; how to choose the right conversation to have; and tips for opening up a dialogue. 

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An Introduction to Crucial Conversations®

Joe introduced a powerful set of principles and skills, utilised by over 2 million people worldwide, that enable people to have high stakes, difficult conversations in the workplace. The webinar covered what causes a conversation to turn crucial, the signs to look out for and act upon as well as how modifying our own behaviour can dramatically improve results and relationships.

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Influencer - The New Science of Behaviour Change

This webinar will help you understand how to break a 'culture of cynicism' in your organisation by learning how to use proven strategies for implementing change initiatives. Grahame Robb and Lorcan Carroll discussed how to create rapid and sustainable behaviour change by engaging six powerful sources of influence. 

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The Building Blocks of Accountability

This co-hosted webinar introduces how you can create a culture of accountability in your organisation. Hear from Patrick Phelan, Vice President of Client Services EMEA at Bazaarvoice, to learn how their organisation is changing its own culture by utilising a step-by-step methodology to enhance accountability and improve performance management conversations. In addition, GRA's Sharon Rush, provided insights on how to diagnose why gaps in performance exist and how to resolve these difficult situations without damaging relationships.

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Five Tips for Mastering Crucial Conversations®

Not all conversations are equal. Some are crucial. And when you find yourself in these high-stakes, emotional and politically risky conversations, you most likely behave your worst when it matters the most. On this webinar, GRA's Sharon Rush discussed the vital behaviours necessary for handling crucial conversations well and share five crucial tips required in a crucial conversation to improve relationships and get "unstuck." 

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