Crucial Accountability® offers a straightforward, step-by-step process for enhancing accountability, improving performance, and ensuring execution. You'll learn the skills for talking to individuals about missed expectations, their behaviour and under-performance in a way that resolves difficult challenges and strengthens relationships.

Why Crucial Accountability?

A culture of accountability requires three core elements: clear expectations, ownership of responsibilities and the skills to effectively hold others to account when expectations aren't met. 

When any one of these three elements is missing, it creates a culture of weak accountability where those who see problems saying nothing which results in unresolved issues such as projects that overrun, putting unnecessary and complicated processes and procedures in place to avoid a difficult conversation and individuals take on extra work to compensate for under-performing colleagues. 

Crucial Accountability is a two-day course will enable delegates to effectively identify and resolve performance gaps, set clear expectations, strengthen accountability, eliminate inconsistency and reduce resentment.

“The family-like ethos of our company meant people were reluctant to hold each other accountable when things didn’t go well. The Crucial Accountability workshop was the most valuable training I have attended in 10 years of working in HR! The skills were exactly what we needed to teach our employees how to step up to the conversation rather than allowing the situation to just get worse. We are really proud of the way our team have engaged with the skills in a respectful way that achieves results.”

Lisa Kumar, HR Business Partner, 1E 

What does Crucial Accountability teach?

After the Crucial Accountability 2-day programme, delegates will be able to:

  • Hold anyone accountable, regardless of position or temperament
  • Explain specific, natural consequences to help motivate others to change
  • Empower others by working together to diagnose and come up with solutions
  • Agree on a plan, follow up using good reporting practices, and manage new expectations

When people can effectively step up to and discuss gaps in performance or expectations, there are a number of positive consequences, including:

  • Greater accountability for projects and fewer missed deadlines
  • Better face-to-face performance discussions
  • Increased individual and team effectiveness

Delivery Options

Crucial Accountability is a two-day training programme that utilises video, group discussions, skills practice and real-life application to make the course both entertaining and engaging.

There are a variety options for completing Crucial Accountability:

  • In-House Programmes – One of our expert trainers delivers the programme at a time and place which suits your requirements.
  • Public Programmes – Your employees attend a pre-scheduled, 2-day public training programme
  • Train-the-Trainer Certification – Individuals or trainers from your organisation achieve certification to teach the course within your company.
  • Virtual Classroom - Crucial Accountability is available online via live, synchronous learning taught in five to seven two-hour sessions
  • Crucial Conversations Conversion – A one day version of Crucial Accountability specifically for people who have completed Crucial Conversations training

To learn more about the options available to you, please complete the form below and a member of our Learning and Development team will be in touch to discuss this with you. Each method of delivery provides unique benefits which can be influenced by the number of individuals your organisation wishes to train, the convenience of delivery dates and locations as well as whether or not you need the course to be tailored to specific requirements.

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