A common question from our delegates is in regards to the connection between Grahame Robb Associates and our use of dolphin imagery. Our response is to ask why they believe we have made the connection; and often they come up with the right answer.

We believe dolphins demonstrate behaviours which every team or organisation strives to achieve such as excellent communication, creative problem solving and effective collaboration.

Therefore, we feel dolphins provide the perfect symbolism for the values of Grahame Robb Associates as well as the behaviours we help individuals, teams and organisations to develop.

These are the shared values and behaviours that we follow in delivering our people and organisational development programmes worldwide:


We do what we say we will do and achieve what we set out to achieve


We inspire others with our passion, energy and enthusiasm for the training we deliver


Our relationships with customers and each other are built upon honesty, integrity and trust


We work proactively with our clients and partners to provide innovative behaviour change solutions that meet bespoke requirements


We embrace diversity in all its forms and can adapt to individual requirements